RMR mobile home page
Lots of RMR playlists on Spotify,  C'm'n get it.


Choose from 4 different RMR rotation lists: 1) Full library 2) 1500-1750 songs 3) most recent 250 songs added 4) Newest 10-15 songs

Pause playback, skip songs, scroll backward and forward through the list, search for a track or artist, etc.

Playlists are updated regularly by RMR so you always get the newest songs on a regular basis.

RMR playlists can be copied to your own account and you can customize them or send them to your friends and take credit of our raw genius for yourself.

In the Spotify app, there is a switch on every RMR playlist that allows a "download" to your device; then you can play RMR ANYWHERE with no internet or cellular data(!).

While you listen, mark songs as favorites and use the RMR playlists as a springboard to search other material on Spotify by artists you like.

RMR live stream was only licensed in USA and Canada. Spotify is licensed virtually everywhere.

Spotify has a web version for any PC browser, and also an app to install for virtually every major PC or mobile platform. Windows, Apple ecosystem, Android...etc. etc.

Every song and album you want is on Spotify. Millions and millions. Play any track or album by any artist. Bam!


It will cost you $10/month