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The first thing we need you to do is, please, please, *LISTEN* to our station (Gravel Road or Altitude) for at least 1 hour, before you send us any music links (not files!). If you like what you hear, then your music might fit...but if not...(don't make us say it) And when you listen, ..this is what we think you will hear:

1. L
yrical content and subject matter. sometimes provocative, occasionally even offensive.. but always a couple of the following: thoughtful, challenging, creative, intellectual( ...it happens...), engaging, irreverent. In many tunes, the lyrics are the essence of the song. Subliminal message: we dislike "sappy/sentimental/cliche" lyrics!

Instrumentation. Gravel Road likes the traditional stringed instruments. Guitar, electric guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo. Horns and keyboards (exception: accordians) are frowned upon!! Altitude is dominated by electric guitar, but not metal sounds. Acoustic songs and keyboard songs are sprinkled in the mix.

Tempo. yeah..every artist wants to have the *awesome* ballad which is the higlight/counterpoint to 30 minutes of rock and roll. It's possible, sure, but that's not the best way to reach us....we are always in the market for UPTEMPO, butt-kickin, music because that's just who we are ... its better for radio too. We have a few ballads in rotation just because we need to take a break and refill our (Canadian/rye) whiskey glass, but slow songs ain't the way to get noticed.

The Voice. We can totally hear great, inspiring and naturally gifted vocal performance, and...we also kinda like the gritty, imperfect voices of regular people. 'nuff said.

Other Preferences of Ours. Rocky Mountain Radio absolutely wants to feature lesser-known artists in the rotation..but to have any chance of success you really need to have:
- songs available on Itunes/ Spotify (c'mon get in the game...these are the biggest retailers in the world)
- a song which is less than 4 minutes long (sorry bruh, this is radio...the shorter the BETTER)
- Submissions for GRAVEL ROAD:
gord@rockymountainradio.net ..for ALTITUDE: byron@rockymountainradio.net
- Don't send us a whole %*#@ album!! just send links to one or two cuts that FIT the description above

6. Some Business. We are licensed with Soundexchange and publishing rights organizations in the USA and SOCAN in Canada. We know the artists get some benefit, we have emails from listeners who have discovered new artists and bought an (Itunes) CD with less than an hour of listening. So tell your fans about us too.
Extra bonus section: How to re-track a mellow ballad for Gravel Road. We (and our audience) grew up on hard rock and (brace yourself) punk rock, so we are looking for songs that are in-our-face a bit. Your mellow song can be re-cut to "reach us" if you do the following: 1) go to the nearest road house 2) drink a quart of whiskey and pick a fight with the local rodeo star 3) when you wake up in the parking lot the next morning minus a couple teeth and deathly hung-over, go directly to the closest homeless shelter and requisition a drummer [gauranteed there will be a few there!] 4) go back to your studio and recut your mellow song at 2X tempo with your new drummer. Two run-throughs and then GO TO TAPE. You're f'n done!
Rockymountainradio.net is licensed with Socan in Canada, and Soundexchange and publishing rights organizations in the US