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Altitude songs convey a simple exhilaration, energy, and elevation - a compact and succinct expression of thoughts and sounds that can make you stop what you are doing and take notice ...and probably even turn up the volume. It's not just a big adrenaline rush; up at Altitude, you occasionally need to pause, catch your breath, and consider where you're at, where you've come from ... and what lies ahead. Some songs convey, with their words or a music or with both, a bit of reflection or contemplation for those moments. Deal with it.
If you want to think in "genres" then let's say it's 'alt' and indie rock, with a wide variety of known and lesser-known artists, a lot of uptempo music, plenty of guitars. It's strong but seldom heavy - its thoughtful but usually not dark.
The super-deep rotation of Altitude means we are going to represent all the voices we need to; male voices, female voices, North American, UK and Europe, and vintages of music going back to every 'decade'. By the way, the entire 2500 track Altitude library is in the playlist to the right --->

Speaking of history, the concept of 'alternative' or non-mainstream has been around as long as 'modern rock music'.....Velvet Underground, Big Star, The Stooges, the Kinks, not to mention B-sides and early work of famous artists - and lots of one-hit-wonders. The concept blew up in the late 1970s with 'the first wave' of punk and new wave like the Ramones, Elvis Costello, the Clash etc. etc. quickly followed by the emergence of alternative music as (sigh..) an identifiable 'genre'.
What does this all mean? It means: Death Cab for Cutie, Nada Surf, Hole, Gomez, Metric, The Black Lips, REM, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, The Replacements, Band of Skulls, The Pretenders, Beck, Stars, Deer Tick, Bon Iver, Pheonix, The Ettes, Sloan, New Pornographers, Superchunk, Broken Social Scene, Husker Du, Bettie Serveert, Kings of Leon, Land of Talk, Portastatic, Liz Phair, Weezer, Young Rival, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, White Stripes, Real Estate, Tokyo Police Club, The Strokes, Radiohead, Teenage Fanclub, Best Coast, Veruca Salt, The Shins, Ryan Adams, The Raveonettes, Pinback, Mother Mother, Matt Pond, The Launderettes, Joel Plaskett, Imperial Teen, Holly GoLightly, Deerhunter, and hundreds more...